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Old Fort Niagara

Wireless Communications circa 1759 - Re-enacted July 5-7 at the French & Indian War Encampment
Music played an important role in eighteenth century armies. Fifes and drums regulated the soldier’s ... See more

4 months ago
Old Fort Niagara

Trooping of Colors - French & Indian War Encampment, Friday, July 5, 10:30 a.m.
The fort's 40th anniversary of the French & Indian War Encampment will open with the impressive trooping of the ... See more

4 months ago

Old Fort Niagara
2019 French and Indian War Encampment
Participant Schedule

Thursday, July 4
9:00 am Sutlers may carry in equipment. French and allied Natives may carry into fort.
Noon – 10:00 pm ... See more

4 months ago

From Dale and me,

Our thanks first to God for the terrific weather He gave us this year at Cooks Forest. Personally I have this feeling Trader Bob pulled some strings from above for us; it did seem ... See more

4 months ago

Concerning Fort Niagara this year:

1. Set up is Thursday after 5:00 p.m., you will not be permitted to enter the fort prior to that time.

2. The tavern will not be set up this year and no unit ... See more

8 months ago
Ninety Six National Historic Site

Can't remember the official names for cannon implements? That's alright. Here is what Ninety Six secretly calls them. #UnHistoryAThing

9 months ago

Mary Penn (Mason Dixon) Update

Update #1: This French & Indian War event is going to be a part of a larger commemoration event being held by the township and county at Mary Penn B&B. I'm told that ... See more

9 months ago

Just a reminder, 2019 dues must be received by Feb 9 in order to remain in good standing. Thank you.

9 months ago
Tiffany Apan

Happy Holidays! This episode was filmed back in October at Fort Ligonier Days in Ligonier, PA. I was in the Compagnie LeBoeuf encampment (and not far at all from the lovely people of Compagnie Dumas) ... See more

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